Eating less Meat won't save the Planet Debunked

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What I've Learned is at it again with defending meat consumption, this time encouraging people to just not worry about the environmental impacts of meat consumption. Let's see how valid the argument is.
- Links and Sources -
My ecookbook: - @micthevegan
TIY Tiny House Channel:

Ogallala Aquifer being drained for cattle:

USDA Irrigation by Crop:

UC David Professor California Water Usage Chart:

Almond vs Other Milks Study and BBC Chart:

OurWorldInData Protein Emissions Chart - HD Version Here:

Vegan US 2.6% Lower Emissions - Animal Sciences Authors:

Rebuttal to Above Paper

Methane GWP Very High in Shorter Time Frame:

Irreversible Warning:

Airborne Fraction of CO2:

Undercounted Livestock Methane According to Matthew Hayek:

GWP Equation - IPCC:

US Livestock Approximately Half Lower 48 Land:

Globally Livestock Use 30% ice free land:

My Spreadsheet on Sequestration from Trees:

My EPA Emission Video:

Up to Half the World's Grain Fed to Livestock:

Paper Cited about 84% Feed Inedible:

Grain Fed to Animals Could Solve World Hunger - Cornell:

Michigan State Marginal Land Planting:

More Plants for Marginal Land:

Tree on Marginal Land:

Grazing Likely Drove Sahara Desert Creation:

US Emissions vs global:

Dead zones and animal ag:

Pandemic Risk from Livestock:

1918 Flu Likely from Kansas:

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